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I have the crash message when i start the demo. Can you help me I really want to try it ;)

Thank you

Great take on a demo. Gave me all the info i needed and left me wanting more!

so excited for this!

It's fun ^^

Outstanding demo. I've followed this game through it's development and highly recommend it.

How I run the Linux version?

There should be a README included with the Linux version, but here are the instructions:

1. Unzip into a folder of your choice

2. Add run permissions to file:

chmod +x MuseumOfLegend.x86

chmod +x MuseumOfLegend.x86_64 (if on a 64 bit machine)

3. Start the game by running:


./MuseumOfLegend.x86_64 (if on a 64 bit machine)

4. Here is a pastebin of dependencies based on the output of ldd:

Nice! Worked!